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* Description: Catching the professional wedding organization and enlarged range of our activities in Nha Trang city. On May 1st 2005, Huu Nghi Hotel Joint-Stock Company determined to establish Angella Dance Team which is the big dance team in Nha Trang city. Most of them joined in Khanh Hoa Children Club when they were children. After that they were been vocational training in Art schools and have been getting many high award. After many years operate, Angella Dance Team is more and more professional and resoundingly. The members can choreograph, arrange, and perform on many different genre, such as: national dancing, folk dancing, ballet…We have many opening ceremonies. Especially the wedding programme designed for yourself. We can do anything to bring your party more and more satisfying as well as for our guest is our precept. Angella Dance Team is the best choice for you.

* Performing rate (Currency: VND):

• The opening meeting performance: 2.000.000VND

• The opening meeting performance and dance half hour (2 turns): 2.500.000VND

• Full programme (4 dances+3 songs): 4.000.000VND

• Going on tour in the city:

- The opening meeting performance and dance half hour (1 turn): 3.000.000 VND

- Full programme: 7.000.000 VND

• Other rates based on your ideal choreographer.

* Contact: Tel: 058.3.522.771 in office hours. Or contact directly with :

• Ms. Phuong – Banquet Coordinator – 0905.156.757